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Design your Perfect Smile

Say you buy a house. This house isn’t perfect. Maybe you need to replace the countertops. Maybe the walls could use some repainting. So you compile a wishlist of things you want to change. You can approach these changes in one of two ways. You can focus on one change at a time as you gradually build your dream home. Alternatively, you can make all these changes in one sweeping round of renovations and remodeling. In this analogy, the house is your mouth. You may choose to realign your teeth with braces or Invisalign. Maybe you want to repaint the walls with a little teeth whitening.

Whatever your list of changes may be, you’ll be left with the same choice when it comes to your approach. Smile design is the latter of the two options – the total makeover. Smile design is typically done in one appointment or a series of closely spaced appointments to make all the desired changes. This approach is ideal for those who know exactly what they want to change about their smiles. It’s also great for those who wish to enhance their smiles for a given event (a wedding, job interview, class reunion, etc.). Let’s take a closer look into what a designer smile entails and what smile design from Northern Rockies Dental Clinic can do for you!

Our Approach to Smile Design

At Northern Rockies Dental Clinic our approach to providing quality smile design services to our Fort Nelson patients starts with honesty. If your goal is to realign your smile in time for your high school class reunion next week, we may have a problem. In being honest and sincere with smile design patients, the friendly staff at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic sets expectations in regards to the timeframe and results of your smile design treatment. Our honesty also helps those who may not know what they need. Some Fort Nelson patients are clearly in need of dental realignment. Others, however, could go either way. These patients may not benefit in the long run from treatments such as braces or Invisalign when factors such as cost and treatment duration are taken into account. Our honesty, in combination with years of industry intuition, is what helps patients make choices that are right for them.

Intuition is a key component in our approach to smile design. The cosmetic dentists at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic have years of training and experience under their belts. They’ve seen and done every procedure associated with smile design more times than they can count. Because of this, our staff has the fine-tuned intuition to be able to tell you with confidence whether or not a procedure will benefit the overall design of your smile. Further still, we’ll be able to help you determine your priorities when it comes to designing your smile and be able to tell you the extent to which each procedure will contribute to the overall look you’re seeking.

Above all, our approach to designing the smiles of our many happy Fort Nelson patients is focused on you! We want to know which components of your smile matter most to you. The staff at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic will take the time to learn about you – your needs, priorities, habits, and lifestyle. All of these factors are carefully taken into account when mapping out the treatment plan for your smile design.

Smile Makeover Services

The services involved in creating your perfect smile makeover are broad. In a nutshell, they include all the procedures and treatments the cosmetic dentists at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic would normally provide, with the timeframe being the primary difference. A makeover to your smile is like remodeling and renovations to a house. You can work on each component individually, but the approach calls for everything to be done at once. With smile makeovers, the procedures are typically done one immediately after another. Depending on the treatments involved, they may be done in a single appointment or in a series of closely spaced appointments which which best fit your schedule. Procedures involved in smile design may include whitening, veneers, crowns, dentures, implants, and realignment procedures such as Invisalign or braces. They may also include procedures which shape and sculpt the teeth and gums for a more even or less gummy smile.

If you believe you’re ready for a smile makeover, schedule an appointment with the experienced staff at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic today! The cosmetic dentists at Northern Rockies Dental Clinic are helping Fort Nelson residents achieve brighter, straighter, and fuller smiles with our smile makeover services. Call Northern Rockies Dental Clinic today at (250) 774-4484 or request an appointment online to schedule your smile makeover!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a smile makeover cost?

The cost of a smile makeover is difficult to estimate. The cost of any dental procedure depends on a variety of factors including your location, your insurance provider and coverage, as well as the nature of the procedure in question. A smile makeover involves a combination of multiple procedures. The best way to estimate the expected cost of your smile makeover before consulting with the staff at Strive Dental would be to find the average costs of all procedures you anticipate being involved. Keep in mind, you may end up paying only a fraction of these costs based on your insurance coverage and provider.

How should procedures in smile makeovers be prioritized?

The order in which the procedures involved in your smile makeover are prioritized is up to you and your dentist. Your dentist will work with you to determine which components of your smile matter most to you as well as the duration of each treatment involved in your makeover. This, in combination with several other factors such as your schedule and the potential recovery period involved in each procedure will ultimately determine the order in which to perform the treatments involved in your smile makeover.

Why choose a smile makeover over individual procedures?

Many of our Surrey patients choose to pursue a smile makeover based on a deadline. Everyone wants to have their best smile on for a wedding, reunion, or other similar event. There are also a few less obvious benefits to a smile makeover. If you whiten your teeth, then get a few crowns and veneers over the course of several months, your teeth won’t be as white as they were at the start. A smile makeover provides Surrey patients with immediate, noticeable results that will wow and amaze friends and family!

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